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What is JustHorsies?

JustHorsies is a platform that establishes contact between horse owners and potential buyers.
It is developed from our need to search among among buyers looking for a horse without the need to advertise the horse offically for sale.

Below you can read about what JustHorsies can offer you

Buyer Profiles - the new way of finding and selling horses!

Sometimes it can be challenging to find the perfect horse only through sales ads - luckily, with JustHorsies, the table is turned.

As a buyer, you can create a public buyer profile with the criteria for your future horse, and horse owners with matching horses will be able to contact you. In that way, you will be able to be presented to horses that are not publicly advertised for sale.
As a horse owner, you don't have to advertise your horse officially to sell it, as you can find the perfect horse buyer by searching among the buyer profiles.
Thereby you can avoid everybody knowing that your horse is for sale, and you can limit the number of people you are in dialogue with to the most serious ones.


Traditional horse sales ads - the way you already know it

Of course, you can also create a traditional horse sales ad and let the buyers find your sales horse. It is easy and quick.
The sales ad will be shown on the landing page when first created, and horse buyers will be able to find your ad by customizing their search in the database of sales horses or by using our search agents.


Search Agents - the easy way of knowing what's new

With JustHorsies, you can create your own search agent and be notified when a buyer profile or horse sales ad that matches your criteria is created.
You can create your search agent when you are filtering your search for either sales horses or buyer profiles. By saving and naming your search agent, you will get an e-mail notification when a matching ad or profile is created.


Teasers - fast and easy with limited information

You are already familiar with the stories on social media.
With JustHorsies, you can quickly and easily create a short horse sales ad with limited information about your horse.
All you have to do is to upload a photo or short video of your horse and fill out the limited information: gender, height, age, discipline, and price category. Potential horse buyers can click on your Teaser, find your contact information, and contact you for further information. In that way, you do not have to fill out all kinds of information, but you can limit it, just as you know it from stories on social media.

Teasers are visible one week at a time.


Sara og Mia grundlæggerne af hestesalgsplatformen JustHorsies

The team behind

The founders of JustHorsies are the two dressage riders Sara and Mia, who themselves often have been in the dilemma of whether to sell a horse or not.

Selling a horse online entails many further considerations; do I want everybody to know that my horse is for sale? What if I cannot find a good match for my horse?
As the question kept coming back to them with many different horses, the idea came into their minds; why not turn the table of online horse sales and let the buyers make the search ads?
These discussions let to the establishment of Justhorsies.com.

We hope you will enjoy it!

You are always welcome to contact us by e-mail or phone.
Mia Danielsen: + 45 26 17 81 42
Sara Kiilerich: + 45 28 15 81 65


Developed in Denmark and an energy-friendly web solution with a minimal climate footprint

JustHorsies is located in Denmark.

The website is developed in Denmark by an agency focusing on building green and more climate-friendly solutions. The agency's implementation focuses on optimization so that the solutions take up minimal space.
Find out more on https://typoconsult.com/

All data are stored in the EU.

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